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~Black Raibow Sparkle~

what a slap in the face. i didn’t need that

oh fuck things being accure.

because i had to tell, but at the same time not

My boyfriend broke up with me and my heart is dead.. amd the worst part; i have hope

I love this so much, it’s perfect

alice dear where have you been


Canon ships

Fanon ships

Love-dovey ships


Hatesex ships

Popular ships

Rare ships


People who dis a ship just because they think it gets in the way of their ship

Based on this post

*died of cutenenn*

My life really suck right now. I'm a girl at the age of 15, strugling with this shit called self harm and everyone say I have some kind of ed (eating disorder) and i just wanna cut of my but. wait, wut?

this might be triggering so sorry for that, but i need a place for my thought and words. thank you

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